Andalusian Cooperative Society Almazara of Luque is born through the fusion by absorption of the Andalusian Cooperative Society Santa Rita by the Andalusian Olive Cooperative Society Nuestra Señora del Rosario, grouping a total of 1.200 members, all belonging to the same region of the Denomination of Origin Baena.

Resulting Mill Cooperative has two facilities. Headquarters are located in Glorieta del Convento where all olives are treated and acts as the main office. Second facilities are located in the Industrial Area El Alamillo at Luque train station: very modern installations, including an olive oil cellar and production plant with washers, fuel supplier and tasting restaurant.

The Cooperative belongs to the Denomination of Origin Baena including all our olive oil of such qualification. We are currently united to the Cooperative Almazaras of Subbética for all sales related to bulk olive oil. Olive-pumace oil is diverted to Tejar, after the fusion of referred one and Regional Cooperative of Cabra.

Medium-term target market is to take a stance with our brands Albenzaide, Abuchite and Montes de Luque, with the challenge of greater sales of Extra Virgin Olive Oil for bottling business case through direct contact to final consumer as an added value.

Facilities located in Glorieta del Covento have a total surface of 6.120 m2. The mill includes five lines of olive washers with a fruit storage capacity of 600.000 kg. The plant comprises four grinding lines in two phases with a daily capacity of 500.000 kg. The cellar has a capacity of a total of 3.800.000 kg of olive oil through 74 stainless steel storage tanks. We also own two packing and bottling machineries. Finally, we supply associates with consumables goods such as fertilizers, phitosanitary products, fuel and financial services.

We currently work with three brands: Albenzaide and Abuchite with denomination of Origin Baena and Montes de Luque without Denomination of Origin. Packaging is available through tins of 5 and 2.5 litres and bottles of 500 cc, 750 cc and 250 cc. Olive Oil from Montes de Luque brand is only available through PET bottles packaging of 5 and 3 litres.

The Cooperative has attended the most prestigious Food Fairs and Shows, such as Silleda Fair in Galicia, Gourmet Show in Madrid and the Food Fair of Barcelona, with the purpose of reaching a higher promotion of our products.

Average production of our mill is 15.500.000 kg of olives, meaning a total of 3.500.000 kg of olive oil. Each season under normal circumstances, 65% of the volume is qualified by the Denomination of Origin Baena.

Sourcing area includes almost all the municipality of Luque, within nature spots belonging to the Subbética Mountains among slopes and reaching the area adjacent to Jaen province, characteristic of flat lands and larger productions. Main variety is Picual, followed by Picuda and Hojiblanca which is more fragmented. Total surface cultivated by our members is around 6.000 hectares.

Grind is completed daily, selecting the olives according to their quality, producing the olive oil at room temperature (cold) with a final bottling without filtering, reaching such as a spectacular colour and aspect.

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